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12th Member

12th Member Call Centers are the industry standard. We become a part of your company
with professionally trained individuals that understand you’re brand. We work together to
create a unified experience for your customer base. Get the Call Center Service that your
company or organization deserves with 12th Member Call Centers.

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Inbound Calls

When the calls come in we are here to move sales and upsale to drive new or existing services

Outbound Calls

We can reach out to a new customer base.  Sales marketing? we’ve got you covered. Contact us Today!

Chat Services

Comprehensive chat services to enhance you’re reach across any given market base across the globe

Answering Services

When you’re customers call we listen and apply proven methods to help and retain them

12th Member Professionally recorded announcements

Contact Us! for an automated attendant or IVR that greet callers, provide menu options, and assist telephone navigation. More Info

Let Us Do the Heavy Lifting

Growth is a good thing but with that growth demand increases. 12th Members takes the pressure off so you can continue with confidence to sustain that growth and continue to grow. Give us a call we have services that will lesson the strain of the phone ringing off the hook and distracting you. You’re first contact will begin with customers ready to purchase you’re goods and services. Give Us a Call Today.

12th Member Benefits

A more skilled workforce
A scalable workforce
Reduce cost Increase customer satisfaction
Reduce hassle
Increased security and decrease fraud

Give us a call 315-662-7450

12th Member

12th Member can trace its roots to the late 90s when founder, Rick Garber, was instrumental in the growth of three investment firms.  During this time, the financial industry was heavily dependent on the use of telephones. Read More

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