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At 12th Member, our aggressively priced rates are only one of the reasons to consider 12th Member for your telecommunications needs.

Cut through the clutter and reach potential customers. We check our Voicemail everyday and so does your potential customer base. Get 12th Member Ringless Voicemail and engage potential customers. Increase your demographic reach without having to dial a single number.

Get your message through loud and clear with High Definitions Ringless Voicemail.

Reach out to thousands of potential customers. Your message is sent direct to voicemail with no intrusive ringing that can turn off potential customers. Record or upload your message or Contact Us and we will work with you on a time tested approach to improve results.


Listen to quality examples below.

Get the Highest Quality Professional Ringless Voicemails.


Auto Dealers

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Dental Practices

by 12th Member CC | 315-6627450

Mortgage Brokers

by 12th Member CC | 315-6627450

Real Estate Agents

by 12th Member CC | 315-6627450

12th Member CC Ringless Voicemail Benefits

Easy to use

Simply add or upload your contact list then add your voicemail message and send.

Engage Customers

A carefully crafted message can send your sales and engagements soaring with 12th Member that potential growth is one click away.

Save Time

The effort is takes to cold call potential customers is over. With 12th Members reaching thousands of potential customers saves you both time and money.

Track Performance

Easy to understand data that can give you the full scope of a campaigns activity..


TCPA outlines restrictions for contacting mobile phones, but excludes information services. Voicemail is considered an information service.


No need to worry about hangups or inconveniencing potential customers all messages go straight to voicemail.

12th Member Professionally recorded announcements

Contact Us! for an automated attendant or IVR that greet callers, provide menu options, and assist telephone navigation. More Info

12th Member

12th Member can trace its roots to the late 90s when founder, Rick Garber, was instrumental in the growth of three investment firms.  During this time, the financial industry was heavily dependent on the use of telephones. Read More

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