Rick Garber has been a broker in the securities industry since 1983


Rick, along with his wife Leigh, operated successful bond and equity trading firms in the Cazenovia area. During the course of operations of those businesses, the Garbers hired and trained hundreds of sales and customer service professionals. These two corporations were well established with loyal client bases and good track records. They were sold in May, 2016.


Rick established 12th Member Communications and Compliance in 2015


12th Member provided a technology platform for the independent contractors who were affiliated with his brokerage firms. 12th Member operates a cloud-based voice over internet communications platform which allows remote independent contractors to connect with their clients and each other, and also provides compliance services for those individuals by storing all conversations in the cloud. This background and technology asset makes it possible for Rick to pursue his next venture. Rick plans to establish a remote call center agency firm which will provide full-service customer support to clients solicited from across the US. These individuals would work from home on a self-established schedule, utilizing the proprietary equipment and technologies developed by Rick and marketed through his successful Member venture.

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